The Serious Fraud Office has begun looking into the management of Auckland's tallest apartment block, Metropolis.

Tony Howard, Metropolis body corporate chairman, said he had received phone calls and correspondence from SFO forensic accountant Ryan Marshall and said he had supplied him with some financial documents but planned to supply Marshall with more soon.

"The investigation started three weeks ago," he said.

Concerns amongst residents in the 40-level tower date back to before the Concerned Owners Group was formed and new members elected to the body corporate which represents all owners.


"This was one of the issues we were very strong about, that there was suspicions...." Howard said.

Owners of apartments in the tower have not yet met and Mr Howard said they had not called for an extraordinary general meeting. The first forum they might have to discuss the matter could be the annual general meeting planned for March or April, Howards said.

A letter of December 18 has been circulated informing residents of the investigation and The Herald is waiting for a statement from the SFO.