Group Q is a new company specialising in providing intelligent security options to individual and corporate clients in New Zealand and internationally.

Our speciality is VIP and asset protection, investigations and surveillance operations. Our background is with police special operation teams at both operator and management levels.

Together, Dustin and I also have a number of years' experience on private security operations throughout the world. Between us, with our specialised skill set, we have carried out security projects from Australasia, the Pacific Islands, East Africa, the Middle East, throughout Europe, Russia and South America.

Previously within the police environment we have been part of teams providing a high level of security for Israel athletes at the Sydney Olympics, Tiger Woods during his visit to the New Zealand Open and President Clinton, and Prime Minister Tony Blair with their respective visits to New Zealand.


In the private industry we have partnered security companies here and the US and provided close protection services for Metallica, System of A Down and Slipknot throughout Australasia, South America and Europe. Last month Group Q travelled throughout Australia on the sound wave festival providing close protection services working alongside a strategic partner, Next Level Security, USA .

Additional tours are likely next month in Europe and the mid US in the coming months.

When Dustin and I working internationally as security contractors, we were regularly being contacted by security agencies. We thought let's do a SWAT analysis on founding our own company. We started building up a concept of a security company which gave high end VIP protection and investigative and security consultancy services.

While there are a large number of private security companies and security contractors, we feel our particular skill sets and experiences fill a gap at the top end of the market where clients truly appreciate customer service.

Our prospective clients are high end corporations and discerning individuals who have unique security requirements, and who need loyalty, integrity and professionalism. If required our network base is strong and we can bring in ex-police and military security professionals who share our values if need be.

The security industry is constantly expanding with global and domestic threats with
increased criminal offending towards corporations and our client base.

We have carried out complex investigations for a corporation here in New Zealand. We can also provide and execute the security plan for any company with growth or start up plans in foreign countries inclusive of conflict zones.

For example a telecommunications company which has a contract in Afghanistan no longer needs to contract a US or British security company, they have the expertise and knowledge right here. In all these parts of the world, security is a big thing.

We have started dealing with exclusive travel agents, companies who bring in high end tourists who require their security services to be done in a quiet, discreet but absolute professional manner.

Our short term plan is to cement ourselves in the market over the next year. In six months we want to be engaged by at least one top NZ company for our investigative and general asset and personal security services.

Dusty and I have a 50 / 50 share holding. We are open to the prospect of outside investment both financially but also in terms of business knowledge. We would be keen to have discussions with any perspective investor with the right business acumen.

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