A second alleged breach of the Electoral Act has been referred to police by the Electoral Commission.

The first, revealed yesterday on Newstalk ZB, was the Prime Minister's pre-election show on Radio Live.

It's now been joined by One News' coverage before 7pm on election day.

That complaint alleges the state broadcaster breached the Electoral Act because it included statements likely to influence which party people vote for.


Otago University politics lecturer Dr Bryce Edwards says the Electoral Commission is reflecting the heightened debate about these issues.

"Politicians in particular are having a lot of arguments themselves over what their opponents can and can't do in the lead up to an election," he says.

Dr Edwards says the Electoral Commission doesn't want to be accused of not enforcing the rules so is following the law to a T.

He says there's effectively a media black-out about politics on election day but the rules are problematic.

"Certainly we're seeing that both Mediaworks and TVNZ have broken the rules when there should have been clarity about exactly what the rules are," he says.