And another one bites the dust: Leonardo DiCaprio and his supermodel girlfriend Bar Refaeli have called it quits, according to reports.

Inception star DiCaprio, 36, and Refaeli, 25, split up last week after their five-year relationship soured, reports the New York Post.

The culprit? "It was amicable, they're still friends and they are still talking," a source close to the couple told Page Six of the split.

The source also maintained that the split had had nothing to do with rumours of cheating.

"Neither were ready to settle down, and both have busy careers that have been taking them in different directions."

Yep, that old chestnut.

Rumours of potential trouble in paradise surfaced after the pair attended separate after parties for the Met Gala in New York on May 2. And Refaeli was spotted having dinner with a mystery man in Berlin last week.

'He wasn't ready...'

Adding fuel to the lack of willingness to commit angle is this little morsel from E! News.

"Leo was getting a lot of pressure from friends, family, and Bar to take the next step in their relationship and get married," a source close to the couple said.

"He wasn't ready for that."

The source continued: "Leo has been spending a lot of time with his boys.

"A few weeks ago he was partying in Cabo San Lucas with friends Lukas Haas, Bradley Cooper, and Cindy Crawford's husband, Rande Gerber."

This isn't the first time the couple has gone their separate ways. They split in 2009 for six months, and got back together the following year.
Refaeli later said she'd gone through a "tough time" while apart, but that it ultimately made their relationship stronger.

"It was a half year for which I am very grateful," she told People at the time.

"I needed it. I came to understand a lot of things about myself," she added.

"I worked on myself [and] I grew up. I didn't know what 'alone' was like. Today I know that a relationship can work only if you know you can be alone and you are not afraid. Today I'm not afraid of being alone."

So is this really it for the glamour couple? Definitely. Maybe.

"They do this every two years," another source told UsMagazine. "They could be back together next week."

Marvellous. And we'll have front row tickets. Pass the popcorn.

A spokesperson for DiCaprio declined to comment.

Next up: Hayden Panettiere and her giant...
Hayden Panettiere and her Ukrainian heavyweight boxing champion beau Wladmir Klitschko have ended their two-year relationship.

And before you ask, no, the 15-inch height difference between the pair (he clocks in at 6' 6?) had nothing to do with the split.

"Even though we've decided splitting up is best for both of us, we have an amazing amount of love and respect for each other and remain very close friends," Panettiere tells People.

Klitschko cites the physical distance between them as the reason for the split.

"We had a great time together, but it's not that easy to manage a relationship between two continents," he says. "I have a lot of respect for Hayden as a person and as a friend, and I believe we'll keep our friendship even after the separation."

Quote of the day
Heidi Montag says she's "definitely" done with plastic surgery. I know, I know. Suspend your disbelief for a mo.

The former Hills star hit the headlines two years ago after she went under the knife for a series of plastic surgery ops.

"Obviously when I get a little older, I'll take it from there, but for this moment, I don't want anything to do with plastic surgery!" she says.

So no more butt lifts, tummy tucks or mammoth boob jobs for the reality TV starlet?

"Definitely [not]- for now," she says. We'll hold her to that.

Saucy Aniston
Jennifer Aniston is on a surefire mission to ditch her good girl rom-com image by dropping her laundry for new movie, Horrible Bosses.

Aniston plays a randy dentist in the movie, alongside Kevin Spacey and an almost unrecognisable Colin Farrell as the world's worst bosses. So bad, their employees - Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day - decide to knock off their awful employers.

And in a departure from Aniston's usual fare, the actress strips down to her underwear for the flick, while seductively sucking on an iced lolly, then provocatively eating a banana and a hot dog.

Goodbye Rachel Green!

Word is that Aniston also filmed a topless scene, but it remains to be seen whether it makes the final cut.

"She shot a topless scene, but production sources aren't sure if they'll use it," USMagazine reports.

"They filmed it two ways. In one, you see Jen's face and boobs in the same shot. In another, the audience might think it's a body double."

However, another source says: "Jennifer did not shoot a topless scene. She may appear nude, but you do not see Jennifer topless."

In the nude or not, Aniston is up for a change of direction.

"She told marketing to push the envelope on this one and not play it safe," a source said. "The studio is playing up her sexuality, and she's all for it!"

Watch the trailer below:

The movie opens in New Zealand on August 4.

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