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Your views: Big Day Out survival tips

The Big Day Out is a sell-out and organisers are promising music fans they will reduce dangerous and annoying crowd bottlenecks and toilet queues.

A capacity crowd of 44,000 will be at Mt Smart Stadium next Friday to see headliners Tool and other top acts including the Killers, My Chemical Romance, the Violent Femmes, Scribe, Shapeshifter and Evermore.

Know what it takes to survive the searing heat, the pushy crowds and the insane toilet queues at Big Day Out? Then share your survival tips with us!

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Here is the latest selection of your views:

Wear cargo pants, the extra pockets always come in handy. Also either triple tie your shoes or tape them up with installation tape, there is nothing worse than being in a heavy mosh pit with your shoes untied.

Losing your friends, seeing the groups you want! Oh come on, no one ever sees the groups they wanted to at big day out! Its a wandering thing, where you go to one stage for a while, then get over it, and go to the boiler room, dance for a while and then it gets too hot and you need to see down. Then you sit down for a bit and have an ice block and one of your friends who you havnt seen in 2 months walks past and says howzit, and you chat, then he says Im off to see some band play at 2:30 on the orange stage (or something like that) and that you should come, so you go, and you like it, but then you lose that guy and realise its kinda close to 2:45pm when you promised to meet someone on the grass next to the main entrance to the boiler room, so you go there, wait for a few minutes, but then the music inside the boiler room sounds really good so you have to go have a quick dance, and low and behold, that person you were waiting for outside is in there anyway, right by the door, just in case you showed up and they want to go ride the ferrie wheel with you but not now, just after this one song! I love this one! Is that Craig? where? over there by the pole that holds the tent up? Yeah it is, crazy! I dont want to see him, lets go! hahahahaha, he is such a loser! and so goes the day!! haha

Phone Egg
Definetly travel light, if its cold simply get amongst the crowd and jump around crazily. Wear zip pockets and pack them cash. Arrange meeting places with friends, cell phones hardly work. Eat cookies and sip a bit of water now and then.

Tip 1: Do NOT wear spikes if you are planning to mosh, your almost guaranteed injury to someone or a friend.
Tip 2: Bring cash. Eftpos lines are always the longest.
Tip 3: Bring a mini pump bottle, not a large one, you can always refill it, and it takes away a bit of extra bulk.
Tip 4: Travel to the Big Day Out using public transport, its nasty but it will save you money for parking, finding space to park and it will save your car from being keyed/messed up by stupid people.

If you have long hair please tie it up. Wear you backpacks on your front when you're in the mosh. Sweaty people, leave your shirts on. And no jandels!

Like everyone else, drink water, slap on some sunscreen, dress comfortable and stay safe, to add to it, take enough money with you to get back home just incase you miss your ride or you are stranded, nothing worse then trying to find a way home when you have no funds and have lost your cellphone, and the other piece of advice is get heaps of rest the night before, and remember act and drink sensibly, but the best advice I can offer is, ENJOY YOUR DAY!

Rebecca Harris
As previously stated by others drink enough water apply lots of sunscreen, take travel tissues for the toilet, but one other small essential item is a $3.00 poncho from the likes of Para Rubber. It conveniently fits in your pocket (providing you don't open it before the day - cause you can never fold it back up to fit in the bag provided) If it rains - who cares - you will be dry!

Go with one or two friends so that you aren't worrying about where a huge group of people are instead of seeing your favourite bands. Take a small bag with water, sunscreen, earplugs, panadol and something warm for the evening (exhaustion will mean you are colder than you would imagine). Drink lots of water and keep applying that sunscreen so your Big Day Out doesn't turn into your big week of pain. Take breaks and eat something to keep you going. Mark out a schedule of who you really want to see and make a plan to get there where possible. Get there early and find your way around before the crowds get massive. Take in some new music where possible. Be kind to others, it is a long day and people get grumpy sometimes, don't make an issue where there is none. Look out for others in the mosh pit too, if someone is in trouble or falls, do your best to help them out. I know for myself how scary that can be. Drink alcohol sensibly as you want to remember your day and most importantly, just soak up the atmosphere and have fun. Go hard and enjoy!

Jared Jones
Wear cheap clothes, travel light, sunscreen, remember your ID if you want to drink, know where and when the bands you want to see are.
But most importantly don't lose your friends. Cellphones don't always work so best thing to do is organise meeting places in case you get lost. Usually best if they coincide with when certain bands you want to see are likely to finish. I find a spot near the back of the main stage field always works and you just tell all your mates go there at the end of any band on the main stage, and if you got enough mates there is usually always someone there.

Anna B
Wear comfy shoes! It's a huge day and sore feet are the last thing you need. Make a meeting place for your friends as cellphone reception has been dodgy in past years with overloading. Also, even though it might be hot in the morning, make sure you take a hoodie for later in the night - you don't want to be cold and miserable when the best gigs are on.

Tom Speck
Know what bands you want to see, where they are and when they play - have a plan already sorted out as to who you watch. Only take essential stuff - sunscreen, water bottle (new and unopened or they won't let you take it inside), cell phone, cash and don't wear any clothes you don't want ruined. Disposable camera, not your $500 digital camera, cheap gas station sunnies and not your $400 Gucci's.

Mark Paterson
Travel light. The more stuff you’re carrying, the more stuff you have to lose. Also, have a look at the timetable a day or two before. Nothing sucks more than realising too late that you’ve missed a band you were hanging out for.

Shaun Gear
Do not go early if you have no intention in viewing any of the earlier bands - it is a long day and you won't miss out on anything if you go later. Arrive with enough time to get a great spot for your favourite bands. Use the line up guides as a tool to plan your day before you get there.

Ryan Carleton
While it is important to drink lots of water, your bladder might say otherwise! An additional remedy is chewing gum. It can provide a lot of moisture in your mouth by chewing, and you won't need to go to the toilet, or risk your bladder bursting while you wait!

Clare Jeffers
The 2 things I always do for BDO is 1. Take a large bottle of frozen water therefore is stays cold for most of the day. 2. Take toilet paper with me since it always runs out.

Johnny Gunn
Heres a tip. Smuggle in a 40 oz of overproof alcohol. This should be enough to keep you plastered for the whole day, even if you share some of it with your friends. Make sure you spend most of the day in direct sunlight with little or no water. The combined effects of the alcohol poisening,sun stroke and dehydration will ensure you fit right in with other drugged up hippys and freaks in the boiler room. By following these simple steps you are sure to have a great BDO!!

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