While Kiwi girls queue for the conventional loo at this year's Big Day Out, their Aussie counterparts can look forward to a new way to pee - standing up.

In a trial designed to improve hygiene and shorten queues at toilets, women at the Big Day Out in Melbourne later this month will be able to use a funnel device called a P-Mate at a females-only urinal, which is known in Europe as the Shee Pee.

While in the Shee Pee women use the disposable, liquid-proof P-Mate funnel so they can stand rather than sit down.

"After the huge success of the female-only urinals at the Glastonbury music festival in Britain last year, we thought it was definitely a service that women at the Big Day Out in Melbourne would really appreciate," said Big Day Out Australia promoter Vivian Lees.

Australian Big Day Out organisers said the stand-up option could be rolled out across the country if the trial was successful at the Melbourne concert on January 30.

However in New Zealand women may have to hold on a little longer for the new device.

A Big Day Out New Zealand spokeswoman said she had never heard of the devices and they would not be available at today's event.

Instead, women at Ericsson Stadium will have to rely on portable toilets with their notoriously long queues, or those located in various areas of the stadium buildings.