Western Bay people paid more for fresh fruit and vegetables last year despite an overall drop in food prices.

The figures suggest low-income families are struggling to afford healthy food and nutritious meals.

Analysis of prices for the 12 months to December show avocados and kumara more than doubled in price, pumpkin prices surged 32 per cent and apples cost 20 per cent more, Statistics NZ said.

But lamb prices dropped dramatically and takeaway pizzas were much cheaper.


Sugary foods are also often cheaper than healthy produce.

Fizzy, high-sugar drinks for instance can be cheaper than bottled water.

Are you worried about obesity in New Zealand?

Or do you think all is fine in moderation?


Is it easy enough to create nutritious meals on a budget, or is it cheaper and more convenient to grab takeaway meals?

Do you have tips and/or recipes for low-cost, nutritious meals?

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