There is something about the Olympic Games every four years that is simply irresistible to me.

They call it the Greatest Show on Earth and it certainly has been that over the years. This year's Rio Olympics is days away and already I can feel the excitement building.

There is something about the best in their field competing for that gold medal.

I was flicking through the channels the other day and noticed Sky TV has already added about seven dedicated to the Olympics.


I can see two weeks spent watching those channels each evening. The thing about the games is that we all become experts and passionately interested in the most obscure sports. It is not the sport but the competitive nature of the gathering that enthrals us.

Now, I know there are many people who have been turned off the Games because of doping and the debacle with Russia has not been dealt with very well by the International Olympic Committee. You can't really argue that widespread doping over the years has taken the gloss off top international sport.

But the way I view it is that we have to simply expect that and enjoy the competition anyway. That is the only way to watch sport and that is what I will be doing with the Olympic Games.

Get sucked into the action, enjoy it and revel in the on- and off-field action. Deal with any doping scandal when it comes up.

These days the dopers almost always get caught, so if someone has cheated they will be found out and the medal will be given to the right person.

If it is later revealed that someone has cheated, then separate that from your overall enjoyment.

The athletic prowess on show is amazing - so sit back and enjoy it.