Yummy "animal cruelty-free" vegan cupcakes were a huge crowd pleaser at Tauranga SPCA's annual Cupcake day fundraiser, held at the shelter over the weekend.

Passionate SPCA supporters, Mount Maunganui's Joena Joyce and her sister Sharlene, baked and sold vegan banana and carrot cupcakes at Saturday's fundraiser, voted first place for taste and second place overall by celebrity chef Peter Blakeway.

Ms Joyce said she and her sister were inspired to help out creating their "animal cruelty-free" cupcakes which did not contain dairy or egg products because of their lifelong love of animals.

She said she was heartbroken when the family's 13-year-old ginger tomcat Bailey died in February after he had given them so much joy.


Ms Joyce said since then she had visited the SPCA numerous times to spend time with some of the cat residents and seen first hand the work the staff do.

"Tauranga SPCA does such a lovely job looking after all the animals.

"There are so many causes in the world that people could support but one thing I've seen with this organisation that stands out is all the money raised goes directly for the animals' welfare."

Tauranga SPCA cupcake co-ordinator Hannah Cobb said Cupcake Day gave the public the chance to be involved in a campaign that not only tasted good, but raised much-needed funds for the care of the animals.

More cupcakes would be on sale from the SPCA shelter today, and in Red Square from 9am and at Bayfair from 9am to 6pm. MP Simon Bridges would also be helping sell cupcakes in Mount Mainstreet from 10.30am.

Photos: Tauranga Cupcake Day 2014