Cheers of "Deutschland" rang out through central Tauranga yesterday morning as the final whistle of the Fifa World Cup blew and Germany beat Argentina 1-0.

Inside the Cornerstone Pub on The Strand, German ex-pat Peter Hinsch sat draped in a red, yellow and black flag, flanked by a team of fellow Germans. When the final whistle blew, Mr Hinsch and friends sang German songs while enthusiastically flying the flag.

Mr Hinsch said he had been confident the side would win.

"I got a TAB ticket that proves I picked them before the competition started, and I'm going to collect," he said.


Mr Hinsch said he enjoyed watching the match in a pub because of the "lovely atmosphere" but was also looking forward to reliving the glory away from the colourful crowd.

"I'm going to go home sand have a quiet beer and watch the game all over again," he said.

Tauranga man Nathan Exelby was on the edge of his seat for much of game as another supporter of Germany.

Mr Exelby said he had no doubts Germany would win.

"Because they are way more disciplined. They have way more determination."

Mr Exelby said he began watching the game at home but decided to head to the pub so he did not wake his children.

It was a disappointing day for Argentinian Tomas Bierri who believed his country should have won.

"It's a horrible thing. We are really sad."

Fellow Argentinian Martin Lithierri said he knew the match would be a difficult one for his homeland team.

"Both teams played really good. We had two chances to score. It was really close. But we are so proud of our team."

The match between Germany and Argentina is believed to have been watched by more than a billion people worldwide and came in as the third biggest sporting event betted on through the New Zealand TAB.

New Zealanders bet $2.08 million on the final.

Only the Rugby World Cup match between New Zealand and France, which netted $3.46 million and the boxing bout between David Tua and Lennox Lewis, which raked in $2.62 million, earned more.