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Be pro-active about safety; especially at rail crossings

Re: Rail crossings. Responsibility must fall with the driver. I lived and had to cross a railway line with poor visibility for 20 years. Each time I had to stop then proceed with caution as I knew I would not get a second chance if I failed to do so.
Today most people seem to take the approach that it is someone else's responsibility to fix things so they can just cruise through life without thinking or taking responsibility for their own actions.
A FENSOM Otumoetai

It all starts at home

The cartoon Hubbard's View (January 11), shows the real extent on how respect of any kind is being lost as the generations progress into decline.
Respect for authority is generally lacking and this leads to the problems we see as the younger people are challenged in any way.
Responsibility needs to be taken to show these young people what is expected of them and this must start in the home.
The role is being passed on to other groups, such as teachers, but whatever is done by these "parent substitutes" needs to be reinforced at home, otherwise development is impeded.
Also they lack the modelling of acceptable behaviour and this can only get worse as standards fall to a lower level as these young people become the next generation of parents.
Plenty of organisations are out there in the community ready to support bringing back respect and tolerance but until values become paramount in all homes we fight a losing battle.

Come on and let's take responsibility for our own young ones and create a more positive community.

Help for hearing loss

Re: Hearing loss sufferers in Bay "hit hard" (January 6).
Firstly, if you have hearing loss caused by workplace noise or a traumatic accident then you will continue to get ACC assistance to help you buy an adequate hearing aid.
Secondly, I'd like to address the issue of fairness. The question is whether it's fair that levy payers should have to pay for hearing loss caused by age or other health conditions rather than an accident or workplace noise.
Under the old system, if a person came to ACC with hearing loss caused by a combination of workplace noise and age then levy payers (mainly businesses) would pay the full costs of that person's hearing aid.
In other words, ACC levies intended to cover accidents were being used to pay for hearing loss caused by age.
Under the new system, ACC will help fund hearing aids for the proportion of hearing loss caused by an accident or workplace noise and, in most cases, the Ministry of Health will provide some funding as well.
ACC will not pay for the proportion of medical or age-related hearing loss - that's the public health system's role.
This change was made in an effort to avoid levy increases and manage ongoing costs, which had increased from $37 million in 2004 to $60 million in 2009.
MIKE TULLY National Manager Rehabilitation Services, ACC

Unbelievable analogy

Having endured the wrath of Hitler in Europe and now being compared to him because of a different viewpoint regarding some mangrove bushes, of all things, I find this a bit beyond belief.
Shame on you, Eddie Orsulich.
HANS ZUUR Tauranga
Save kids from selves
Re: Train jumpers must be stopped (Our View, January 15).
Doctors, surgeons and nurses get ready because these idiots are going to need you, so be ready to leave your families once again to repair these idiots, not to mention ministers.
Where are the families of these boys? Get off your bums and stop your kids.
Stance reckless, idiotic
Not only do I agree with the comments made (Our View, January 15) regarding the behaviour of the idiots involved in these incidents but I have serious issues with the attitude of Brands Men who, when asked whether he was worried about the possibility of being prosecuted, said: "No. They can put it on my tab."
Reckless, irresponsible, idiotic and arrogant.

Swim lessons essential
Re Six deaths through drowning in region (News, January 15).
The number of drownings is hardly surprising when you look at the amount of community swimming pools available for children to learn.
Te Puke has to be a great example: No high school pool, no intermediate pool and local primary schools do not open their pools (if they have them) to the public in the holidays.
Learning to swim in rivers, streams and oceans is not conducive to learning - rather we are lucky that lifeguards have kept the number as low as six.
* Best thing that has happened to the manqroves they pollute the harbour and build up sedimate and restrict flow of water who ever decided to plant them in the first place ?the mulching machine needsa shute to take roots away on a barge nelson harbour has no mangroves or sea lettuce prestine clean
* Reckless teens- I say your n0t going to stop them, so if they want to do it they will, and even if somebody was killed it still wouldn't stop them as im a teen and would do the same!
* Gosh, wouldn't you be oh so proud to be the mother of Brands Men or 'Smirk1'. Stupid idiots with stupid names. Who gives a toss if they jump? I care more about the train.
* Jumping frm trains-hell, leave them b. Who cares ie they kill themselves. Mayb they shld think about throwin themselves into a job & do sumthin wiv their lives?
* Teens jumping off trains s/b ncouragd! they no use 2 society 2 stupid 2 live
* I think its silly of them jumping off the trains and they should be fined.
* Train jumpin?, u jst hav 2 look at th arrogance on th lads face (bop times 14-1-11) ... he gona get hurt and waste our resorces getn injuries treatd, thats if he dsnt loose hs life.
* Jump train. Let the loosers jump and kill themselves they will probly never contribute to society anyway.
* Mclarens bridge is nothn. I did that at 16. In Fiji as a rite of passage they swim out and hand feed the sharks.
* WIth regard to the bridge jumpers at Chapel St., and Mclaren falls just fill the water below with large rocks and erect signs to advise of the danger below . if they can't read , then the first broken body should get the message through.
* The TCC selling the Mathers Rd potential dump site will make the city 100% reliant on private contractors. Just watch the future rubbish disposal cost rises!!
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