Housing New Zealand staff hosted a barbecue for residents of Poynter Place in Gonville where seven new homes are complete.

"Two of the houses are accessibility homes," said HNZ relationship manager Renee Regal.

"They are designed for ease of access and have wet floor bathrooms."

The two bedroom houses will free up larger HNZ properties to accommodate more families, said senior tenancy manager Dennis Cook.


The building work was done by Devon Homes, and overseen by Jennian Homes.

Some Poynter Place neighbours expressed opposition to the new housing in February, citing concerns about decrease to their property values, increased traffic, work being done outside usual working hours and a ghetto taking shape with social housing units close together.

Regal said she was hoping that their attitudes have changed and they had all been invited to the barbecue.

"They will have the opportunity to view the properties and ask questions.

"We have invited everyone to come along."

Tenancy manager Denise Simon will be looking after the new properties.

"I've been really looking forward to seeing these houses completed," she said.

"The tenants are excited about moving in."


Building has also been completed on two new HNZ properties in Grey St.

"We plan to build 20 more new houses in Whanganui by June next year," said Cook.

He said locations were still being finalised and the successful construction of the Poynter Place homes was a good indicator for the next stage.

The new homes are part of the recently published Ministry of Social Development Public Housing Plan which aims to meet the increased need for public housing by creating an additional 6400 homes nationally by 2022.