Horizons Regional Council has confirmed an average 4.5 per cent rate rise for 2014-15.

The council adopted its annual plan on Wednesday after considering 81 submissions.

The rates rise will vary throughout the region and for Wanganui residents affected by the Lower Wanganui Flood Protection Scheme, there will be an extra one-off payment. Some of that scheme will also be funded from Horizons projected surplus for this year.

Meanwhile, HRC has increased it living heritage activity budget by $46,000 restoring it to 2012-13 levels. A portion of that increase will be funded by general reserves. The Rangitikei Environmental Group will also receive an extra $10,000 for the increasing level of work it does towards pest plant management.


"We were really impressed by the number and quality of submissions made to council this year. After listening to feedback from the community we have amended some areas of the plan," HRC chairman Bruce Gordon said.