It's down to the business end as one of Wanganui's prime residential subdivisions takes shape.

Keryn and Jodie Amon are developing an 8ha site at the end of St Johns Hill cul de sac Tirimoana Place and will create 10 new residential sections in the first stage.

Half the sections have already been sold and Mr Amon said they were not planning any more promotions of the subdivision given the interest already generated.

"There's been keen interest from the start and people are up here most weekends having a look at what we're doing," he said.


Local contractors Bullocks have had machinery working on the property for the last fortnight and there was about another six weeks of work to be done.

This includes grading the land where the sections will be and roadworks to extend Tirimoana Place into the new subdivision.

"Drainage works will start this week and then we can build the road," Mr Amon said.

Work so far has virtually flattened the bare land and the individual sections will sit marginally higher than the new road.

"Jamie O'Leary is going to put up a Stonewood show home on one of the sections and that's on target to be open by November," Mr Amon said.

In December he told the Wanganui Chronicle the 10 sections represented the first stage of the subdivision and they hoped to open up the bulk of the land for more residential development.

They were marketing the sections about $180 per square metre and while prices vary depending on the size of the section, they will sell for about $140,000-plus. Most of the sections are about 850-900sq m.

There are caveats on the sections too, so they could not be bought and then subdivided again, with other covenants dictating the quality of the homes to be built.