She's a good ol, blue-collar, lower middle class woman who is loud, crude and spouts raw humour which at times is very funny.

Rosanne Barr of the "All New Rosanne" sitcom is back with her straight talking view of everything which is often laced with political opinion.

For politics is her catch cry for the survival of the American lower middle class and she's an avowed, avid Trump supporter.

And in her private life Rosanne is a very wealthy woman living with her family in Hawaii.


Sometimes in the show it's as though she's talking about a forgotten America with her wily, edgy and caustic comments reminiscent of Archie Bunker's (Carroll O'Connor) character.

This revival series of the original Rosanne from more than 20 years ago still has her waspish, feisty one-liners though for me it doen't quite have the edge the first series had.

Before I go any further the canned audience laughter drive me nuts.

It is billed as a ha ha family sitcom and is often sad with many wounding and self deprecating jokes.

On TV3 at 7.30pm this series can be heartwarming even if when you tune in and can't quite grab it's humour instantly.

It rolls along in it's own distinctive way and feels like the show is tuned in to its own world and most certainly political.

Always heightening is the plight of hardworking American familes with their backs constantly against the wall.

There are sometimes punchlines orchestrated with bars of that never-ending revolting tinkly tune, that don't land because it seems the audience are scared to laugh at how raw the humour is.

As much as Rosanne Barr retains that ability to throw out hard facts disguised with humour with that smirky grin of hers especially when she is sprawled on her sagging sofa, is still a winner sit com with edge.

country which is not usual American sitcomfare.
Rosanne is a grunty woman always poised with straight-up-the-guts delivery and a wry sidelong grin.
I even think the audience are unsure at whether they laugh or not.
A one American reviewer said ''it is humour peppered with fear"
This return of big mama is about dealing the time that has passed for the family.
It's about ongoing hardship, bad knees, adult children living back home, bi-racial grandkids and loudmouth grandma who appears occasionally and has no filter to her
often grandiose and narcissistic views on life, family and all.