Horses and cars

We would like to thank the Wanganui Chronicle for printing a follow-up on the TVNZ1 One News item from November 19.

Your NZME article on page 8: "Riders push for driving changes" (I'd prefer "charges").
It is very high time that the men behind the steering wheel with their foot deeply depressing the gas pedal (unfortunately not the brake one) are absolutely volatile towards a horse and rider on the road/long acre.

It is true they do not take any notice of the rider's hand waving, asking them to slow down. No, they drive past yelling abuse.


We led a couple of mares with their foals at foot across Kaikokopu Rd into a new paddock. There came a car with trailer towards us at speed with no intention to stop/slow down. I kept my mare and foal on the road, and the old guy in the car stopped and started shouting.

I walked up to him and asked him to check himself on the morrow to actually see that he was quite senile!

We walked the horses into the paddock and things were fine.
I do not want to bore you, but I promise there are quite number of similar happenings on our little Kaikokopu Rd.

Vollrath Hanoverian Stud, Whanganui

An apology is due

I was surprised to read a letter in the Chronicle (November 11) that appeared to be from someone both crazy enough to read the Daily Stormer and stupid enough to admit it in public. A closer reading showed that the author of the letter, Tanya Roberson, was not saying she had read the Daily Stormer, just claiming to know what this neo-Nazi white supremacist trash website says.

It is a little hard to give credibility to this claim though, since she equates the Stormer with two normal conservative news websites, the Daily Caller and Breitbart. I am pretty sure the many Jewish, black, and Muslim journalists employed at Breitbart by Steve Bannon, former White House adviser to the Trump Administration, would be laughing at the stupidity of suggesting they are neo-Nazi, Jew-hating, white supremacists.

Ms Roberson was having a go at someone for criticising Jay Kuten in the Chronicle's letters section, saying that this unnamed "someone" reads the three websites listed above for their knowledge, which is somehow therefore declared false by dint of being from those websites.

I, and others, suspected Ms Roberson was referring to me and one or more of my letters, but this can't be correct since she insisted that this "someone" reads the three websites, and I don't.

In fact I, and probably anyone else who writes to the Chronicle, would take exception to the suggestion that we read the Daily Stormer and demand an apology for such slander.

But the nonsense doesn't begin or end with this disgusting claim. Ms Roberson declares that the Chronicle should not publish letters from anyone who disagrees with her views. This would be ridiculous enough, but the one view she appears to own in this letter is beyond ridiculous; it is infantile. That is that US President Donald Trump is the equivalent of the mass-murdering German dictator Adolf Hitler, and that anyone who puts forth facts that might inconveniently disagree with her assertion is the equivalent of a Nazi propagandist.

After reading and rereading Ms Roberson's letter, she owes someone an apology.


Well done, Frank

Frank Gibson is a credit to the Wanganui Chronicle as he is able to translate complex scientific information into coherent and informative articles.

His last article on plastics described the terrifying implications of a once-touted significant scientific discovery.

Well done, Frank.

Durie Hill

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