Whanganui Airport manager Phil McBride is praising local emergency services for their excellent work during an emergency management exercise.

Staff from Fire and Emergency New Zealand, St John Ambulance Service, New Zealand Police, Whanganui Airport, New Zealand International Commercial Pilot Academy and Air Whanganui joined the exercise on Saturday.

"Everyone responded just as they were supposed to," said McBride.

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"It was a really good exercise and I want to thank the volunteers who helped out."


The emergency response exercise used two old cars and a smoke generation machine to simulate an accident involving two crashed aircraft.

There were also 12 volunteer actors playing crash victims with a range of injuries needing emergency treatment.

"They played their parts very well and we really appreciate their willingness to participate.

"Some of them are family members of airport or emergency staff.

"Christine Windle from Amputees in Action NZ always helps us out with these exercises and we really appreciate that."

The airport carries out the exercises every second year and McBride said there are theory tests in between.

"We use car bodies to simulate an accident involving two crashed aircraft.

Mock Aircraft incident Whanganui Airport. Photo Craig Whittaker
Mock Aircraft incident Whanganui Airport. Photo Craig Whittaker

"Once the emergency staff ensured the scene was safe, the volunteer survivors were removed from the aircraft to have their injuries treated."


McBride said it is always a good opportunity to review procedures and make sure responses are the best they can be.

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"Everybody worked really well but if there is any room for improvement we can identify it."

The exercise took place after the last flight of the day left for Auckland at 12.55pm on Saturday so there were no disruption or road closures.