Brass Whanganui's performance of a lifetime has gone off without a hitch at the Shanghai Tourism Festival.

The festival celebrates cultures from all over the world immersed the band into their performance to a street audience of 200,000 earlier this week.

The band marched for about 2.5km and stopped at four stages to perform a mini-marching display in front of an audience.

"What an amazing show...Some sore and tired band members, but very, very proud of our effort," the band posted to their Facebook page.


Not only did they perform to a large street crowd but it was televised to 250 million people across China.

They also spent a few days and evenings performing in a series of events ranging from stand-up concerts and street parades throughout Xi'an.

At their second performance that was based down Datanga Everybright City street, they drew in and carried a very large appreciative and interactive crowd, who even asked for an encore.

Prior to the performance in Shanghai they spent the day sightseeing in 33C weather before a long night rehearsing.

After all the celebrations wrapped up, the band took to the streets a few days later to perform a final gig to the public down Nanjiang pedestrian road, one of the world busiest shopping streets.

The band will now travel home after 10 days abroad.

Brass Whanganui was founded in 2001 with the amalgamation of two of New Zealand's most prestigious brass bands, the Wanganui Garrison Band and Wanganui City Brass.

Several generations of Whanganui families have been part of the band and many players go on to join other brass bands around New Zealand.