Local elections 2019

Whanganui District Council candidate Ray Brightwell believes there's only the smallest of chances he won't be elected to council in this year's election.

Brightwell has a strong passion for Whanganui and said he's ready to step up after regularly submitting to council's annual and 10 year plans.

"I've been trying to see things through and get things done over the years and it just has not happened, so this time I've got some firm ideas.

"I'm very supportive of all the groups and volunteers at Castlecliff and we as a town should be using these volunteers because they have the knowledge.


"You just have to see what they've accomplished this far just scraping bits and pieces together, but imagine if the council was 100 per cent behind them."

Part of Brightwell's motivation to stand in this election is to get a better understanding of what goes into council's decision making.

"I want to learn the process of council because I cannot understand why things are done the way they are," he said.

"I don't understand why there's a bridge sitting on the bank not being put across, I don't understand why we had to have a second sewerage scheme.

"I'm a tradesman and I think logically, there's always a practical solution for everything we face and the only solution to getting things done is to get started."

Brightwell has learned to work with a variety of people through his travels as a contract welder, and said he's already showing he can work well with those who could be his council colleagues by allowing two candidates to display their campaign signs on his property's fence.

Brightwell is a supporter of the port development, but said he'd like to get on council to suggest some changes.

"I've had this passion to see Castlecliff reach its potential, and not just for the benefit of Castlecliff but for the benefit of Whanganui and the whole region.


"When I get on council the port development will be my main focus because that involves the most money."

Brightwell is a keen surfer and is currently truck driving part-time.