Local elections 2019

Hadleigh Reid is seeking a second term at Whanganui's council table after getting support from his dentistry colleagues and patients to help manage his work commitments.

Although the first-time candidate received the largest number of votes in 2016's council election at 9289 and said he's enjoyed being part of local government, Reid admits he was hesitant to put his name forward again.

"I believe council has worked together well as a team and I am looking forward to contributing for another three years," he said.

"But council is quite a commitment and balancing that with my work and other commitments has left me a bit stretched at times, hence the hesitation, but I have learnt to delegate more and have a great team of people around me."


Reid said instead of the number of votes adding pressure, it gave him confidence heading into his first term.

"I was really surprised and grateful and it certainly encouraged me to consider standing again.

"Council can be a rather intimidating place and so with that support I felt like I should be there, that I had mandate from those who voted for me to get in there and be a voice for them."

Reid, who is a director and dentist at Victoria Dental, is in the process of restoring the Ridgway Chambers building, which will cost around $1 million.

In mid-2018 he bought at auction the three Drews Ave buildings adjoining the former Cosmopolitan building he already owned.

Pushing through areas for re-zoning and residential development, establishing a Local Alcohol Policy, initiating the Town Centre regeneration and working with local iwi to support Treaty settlements have been highlights for Reid, who is looking forward to what's next for Whanganui.

"I can't wait to see the Springvale re-zoning complete and houses going up," Reid said.

"I am very hopeful of funding from the Provincial Growth Fund for the Whanganui Port revitalisation, Sarjeant Gallery and aviation hub and support these initiatives."


Reid said co-operation with local iwi is one area council is making improvements on but an area he would like to further improve over the next three years.