Climbing Australia's tallest residential building will be a mind over matter type of scenario for Taihape police Constable Justin Moore in November.

Moore will take on the Eureka Stair Climb challenge at the Eureka Tower in Southbank, Melbourne, to raise funds for the Fred Hollows Foundation.

"I'm excited but nervous," Moore said.

"You've just got to push yourself forward and just start off slow, find a pace that works and keep moving along at that pace and then you'll be pretty good."


Moore is not shy of a challenge. He's previously completed the Firefighter Sky Tower Challenge as a volunteer firefighter for the Taihape Fire Brigade.

Having talked about the challenge with some friends and recently completed a 12-week challenge at LB Taihape Fitness Club, Moore found the motivation to enter.

"My wife calls it my mid-life crisis."

Moore's 9-year-old son James, who has Autism Spectrum Disorder and is fascinated by emergency services activities, also motivated Moore.

"He said, you can do it, you're a policeman, they do it."

Moore will be wearing his uniform including his vest to climb the 88 floors as he competes in the emergency service workers category.

So far Moore's training has consisted of climbing stairs at Taihape's Memorial Park grandstand and personal trainer Leanne Bird cracking the whip at LB Fitness Club.

Moore said so far he has raised about $1200 that will go towards supporting the Fred Hollows Foundation's work of ending avoidable blindness in, currently, 25 countries around the world.


The foundation works to provide developing countries with affordable eye health care that can treat or prevent eye diseases.

Moore would like to thank Hello World, Straits Kitchen, Blush Florist, Taihape Paper Plus, Taihape Pharmacy, Taihape Honda, Taihape New World, Andrea Spicer Jewellery, Farmlands and his personal trainer Leanne Bird.

Taihape Area School is also holding a mufti-day fundraiser to support Moore.

"It's amazing the support and encouragement you get from a little community."

Moore will be joined by his wife Laurelle, son James and daughter Charlotte who will celebrate her sixth birthday while supporting her dad on November 17.