Marton's new $700,000 destination playground has been granted more space from the Rangitikei District Council to extend into the town hall's carpark.

The Marton Development Group, who have undertaken the project of redeveloping Memorial Park into a playground, received a draft concept plan from landscape architects Boffa Miskell in July that overstepped the initial agreed-to playground extension by 251.9m.

Rangitikei District Council strategic youth adviser Nardia Gower said the purpose of the area is for aesthetics.

"The grass would be used for a picnic area and allow for the playground to flow instead of ending with a blunt finish," Gower said.


Deputy chairman Nigel Belsham said he had the opportunity to take the council down to the area that is currently grassed to visually see the extension.

"It certainly makes sense under the draft plan that has been provided by that group to extend it out for a picnic type area," Belsham said.

Belsham alongside his fellow councillors unanimously voted to pass the final footprint for the playground at a council meeting on Thursday.

On Wednesday evening The Marton Development Group held a meeting with Boffa Miskell to give a general idea of where they are heading next with budgeting and space.

Marton Development Group member Laura Morrison said it is the first step away from the Pinterest stage.

"Boffa Miskell has come up with a plan that's a further catalyst for collaboration throughout the town with different community groups," Morrison said.

The group now intends to start having more in-depth conversations with different community groups on how they all potentially connect together.

Morrison said she wants to engage them at a level where everyone feels part of the project.


The group was also able to narrow down different elements of play and discuss pieces of equipment.

"We really want to promote an inclusive type of play for everyone of all ages and all abilities. Anyone can be involved in play and feel challenged and have fun and enjoyment," Morrison said.

She said Boffa Miskell and the general ethos within their committee was to support manufacturers locally where possible.

"The project does look towards people locally first and foremost to the point where when it does get to wanting to focus on raising money from the community, groups can look at a certain area or certain equipment [of the playground] that doesn't have to be in a financial sense," Morrison said.

Gower said it could be through natural play equipment.

The group does not have a time frame to start development, but have started a Givealittle page and already had donations and support from community groups.

"It's been really heartening already without formalising the plans to have people really grasp what we're doing, they get that the town deserves this," Morrison said.

Gower said: "Boffa Miskell has given a lot of their own time for this and for that we're really grateful they can see the bigger opportunities this project has."