Women's Refuge Whanganui has benefitted from a fundraising house competition at Whanganui High School.

The high school's houses Moana, Maunga, Whenua and Awa collected two cars full of cans and toiletries for the women's organisation on Ingestre St.

Moana came out on top, collecting about 400 items.

The competition was organised by heads of community Candice Clark and Helena Hazelhurst.


"In previous years we have collected cans, but nothing on this scale and it wasn't a house competition before this year," Hazelhurst said.

"I was really impressed with how much we collected."

Hazelhurst, 17, estimated that about 1000 items had been collected overall and they covered the space of one room.

For the competitive element, each can collected earned a house one point and each toiletry was worth two.

Hazelhurst said the Women's Refuge Whanganui loved their effort.

"They were a little bit shocked because we had two whole car loads full of things to give them. It was a little bit of a laugh to see their reaction.

"We just wanted to donate to something that was local and something that we felt would have an impact on our community."

Hazelhurst said that the school now has a winning formula and hopes the fundraising competition will continue long after she leaves.