The Whanganui Science Forum's monthly talks ended in 2018. But they were not forgotten, and will revived by a new group, Margi Keys says.

Peter and Ella Grant organised monthly speakers in Whanganui on science subjects for three and a half years. Peter Grant said the idea was suggested by a Nelson friend, and he initially thought it would be too much work.

Finding speakers in time could be difficult, but the pair found people were willing to give their time. They're pleased another group will keep the talks going.

The new group is Graham and Libby Wood, Keith Beautrais, Judy Ahmadi, Frank Gibson and Margi Keys, who will organise the speakers and take care of finance. Ella Grant will continue to make posters about the talks.


The first talk this year will be by Dr Mike Joy, on April 30. He first spoke for the forum, in October 2015, on water-quality issues. His next talk will be broader: about science, policy and New Zealand's environmental issues.

The new science forum is a diverse group. Keys is interested in plants, weather and biology - as well as language - and her brother Harry is a volcanologist. Keith Beautrais describes himself as an environmentalist and retired teacher.

Like former maths and physics teacher Frank Gibson, he's keen to keep the public updated on science.

"What I see at the moment is a lot of pseudoscience flying around. People come to very strange conclusions from very iffy facts," Gibson said.

Judy Ahmadi has been going to science forum talks for years. She's a former physics and maths lecturer, and worked in the nuclear industry in the United Kingdom.

Graham and Libby Wood want to help where they can.

"We think scientific literacy is very important in this day and age of false news and climate change," Graham Wood said.