Youth ambassadors play an important role in connecting young people with council members, ensuring the views of youth are considered as part of decision making.

On Monday, mayor Don Cameron swore in the 2019 Ruapehu Youth Council ambassadors in front of friends and whanau at a special ceremony in the Taumarunui Council Chamber.

Cameron said Ruapehu District Council finds youth to be one of the hardest groups to connect and engage with.

"A lot of people complain or comment on things but very few people stand up and are prepared to do a bit of work to put their view across," Cameron said.


"Serving on the youth council, the ambassadors will learn real life skills on how to discuss and debate issues, gain agreement and then actually take action."

In addition to sharing youth views with council and community boards, the ambassadors will take part in all sorts of events throughout the year.

Cameron said he is sure the 2019 youth council will continue the fantastic legacy of achievement of the ambassadors who have come before them.

"All the new ambassadors need to be congratulated on putting themselves forward to serve on the youth council," he said.

"Anyone interested in the work of the Ruapehu Youth Council and how they can get involved can find more information on council's website"

Ambassadors attending were Tess Morris, Sapphire Mapp, Tayla Goff, Victoria Paoratoro, Aylish Jordan, Te Atarau McGee, Jindh Bhullar, Sophie Coller, Katya Cummings, Hezakaya Metekingi, Te Rumana James (TJ) Taiaroa-Smith, Hannah May Johnston, Dalton Jordan and Tarn Hoyle.

Also at the ceremony was youth council co-ordinator Hiraina Tarawa. Ambassadors Brianna McKenna, Emma Burnard and Noah Smith were absent on the night.