The 20.37kg kingfish Scott Newland caught in the Wanganui Manawatu Sea Fishing Tournament wasn't even the biggest he's ever caught.

"It was a good fight," said Scott Newland about his winning kingfish he and other members of the Patea Fishing Club hauled onboard his boat, Patience 2 on Saturday .

"It was a bloody good fight actually. Probably the best one I've had."

Despite its size, Newland had caught bigger.


"That's a good fish but it's not really massive," he said. "We've caught bigger in the past. I got a 33kg about five years ago for that same competition."

They also got second and third in the kingfish category - something Newland said they targeted.

"We got North out of the wharf ... we've got a pretty good spot up there, I don't like to give away too many secrets. But we usually catch quite a few kingfish, we target them a bit."

Newland and his clubmates also got 1st in the trevally category and 8th in the blue bod section.

Meanwhile, Terry Southcombe won the tarakihi section and Jamie Newell won the crayfish category.

Nick Peacock took out the snapper section with a fish weighing 8.35kg, Justin Booth won the hapuka section and Bruce Callon took out the gurnard prize.