With influences as diverse as Metallica and classic flamenco, guitar duo Opal Ocean produce some incredible sounds from a couple of acoustic guitars.

They are coming to Whanganui and will play at Lucky bar + Kitchen on January 19.

New Caledonian-born Alex Champ and New Zealander Nadav Tabak met in Melbourne and began playing together as street buskers in 2014.

A video of one of their street performances has them doing a short percussive number that doesn't seem to impress their audience before they suddenly launch into a blistering, wild ride that leaves the crowd dumbfounded.


The video and others like it soon won them a lot of online fans and their single J.A.M went viral with more than five million hits on social media.

Now they play to big crowds in big venues and have an ever-increasing fan base which includes American musician Bootsie Collins.

In late 2016 the duo released their debut album Lost Fables, recorded with producer Dave Newington and critically acclaimed mixing and mastering engineer Mark Lewis.

The duo says breaking away from acoustic music stereotypes is what they are about.

"Opening the borders of genre and fusing together flamenco technique with progressive rock to create our own unique sonic universe."

During the past year, they have toured Europe, playing at numerous music festivals including the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland.

Both musicians grew up in New Zealand and look forward to playing for Kiwi audiences.

"We hope we can win over some new fans, inspire people and give them a great show

"We look forward to playing for you and meeting you all New Zealand."

Kiwi guitar virtuoso Kara Gordon will be joining them for the tour and says he is excited by the prospect.

"To think a couple of guys who both came from New Zealand and came together to form a Latin, shred-based guitar duo, have gone from busking on the street to having millions of views on social media and touring Europe.

"It is an unbelievable achievement."

Opal Ocean with Kara Gordon: Lucky Bar + Kitchen, 53 Wilson St. Saturday, January 19, 9pm to 11pm. Tickets $25. Book at eventfinda.co.nz