Changes to rules around use of signs for retailers could be on the way and Whanganui District councillor Helen Craig is urging businesses to check out the proposals while they can still have a say.

Submissions to Whanganui District Council's Signage Policy close on October 26 and while Craig said there were only a few changes, "it's important our businesses understand what is proposed and submit if they believe changes or additions are needed".

Proposals include that businesses may be able to erect directional signs on poles to attract customers and that signage trailers must not be located within 40m of any intersection.

"I urge everyone with an interest in signage to look up the proposed Signage Policy on the council website or pop into council offices for a copy," Craig said.


"Your submissions will be heard by district councillors so you have a chance to change anything you don't like in the proposal."

People can view the Proposed Signage Policy at