It's not just a job for Liza Edmonds it's a love and a passion.

The FourCs, a retro/hardware store in Patea's main st (Egmont St) is attracting regular customers just after a few months in business.

The small shop is an eclectic mix of old gear from hefty frying pans to delicate yesteryear glass ware.

Paintings line the walls, there's even a doll collection and all manner of old style crockery.


What amazes Edmonds is the number of young shoppers who come in and tell her the "old stuff is the best".

"Well I know that," she says, "but it still surprises me when teenagers come in and are advising adults to take a close look at buying old gear instead of new cheap stuff."

The shop is owned by Jon and Cris Morrison but the day-to-day running is Edmonds' domain.

Edmonds moved to Patea from Tokoroa two-and-a-half years ago.

"I love small towns and Patea is a lovely place to live."

She didn't plan on running a shop but it was just one of those things that just came along out of the blue, she said.

"The owners and I are great friends and running this shop is perfect for me."

Edmonds says she has always loved retro gear and never, ever gets bored looking at it.

"I'm constantly rearranging the shop. I love pottering around here and I never get sick of looking at what we have on display."

She laughed as she said that she and the owners were always on the lookout for great items for the shop.

"Now that's really fun. It's going on a treasure hunt. It's always exciting and definitely never boring."

The history of objects has always fascinated her, she said.

And the number of collectors who call in regularly always surprise her, she said.

"They're like me they love the history, they love to research. We all share the love."