There's a new name above the door at a Whanganui accounting practice but familiar faces to advise clients.

Sharyn Pearce has become a partner and director of Lyndsay Tait's practice, now known as Tait Pearce Chartered Accountants. Pearce has worked at Lyndsay Tait & Associates for a number of years and says she is excited about the opportunities of her new role.

The firm's team culture is its real strength, Pearce said.

"The team culture which Lyndsay has built up over the life of the business has enabled the firm to build a team of committed staff who have worked for the firm for a number of years," she said.


"Clients know who they are going to be talking to. This longevity of staff allows us to offer clients ongoing trust and knowledge of their business. It's an honour and privilege to work with clients as trusted advisers. The success of their business affects so many facets of their lives. Being a business adviser is not just about the numbers but really listening to clients and what their needs are."

Tait and Pearce say while the firm was built on traditional values "we intertwine these with modern and progressive thinking".

"For us being progressive means having the flexibility to be client centric, using tools and processes that specifically suit the client, not just our standard accounting practice processes," Pearce said.

"The latest technology doesn't necessarily suit everyone. It's about working with the client on what tools are best for them and what they are comfortable with."

Both directors are members of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.

"It gives us a network of trusted advisers we can call on," Tait said.

"While we are accountants in a provincial city, we have a relationship with a number of specialists who can assist us if required.

"Our client base is the full spectrum of locally and nationally located businesses. We advise clients whose business activities include farming, retailing, manufacturing, the trades and hospitality, to name a few.


"Many of our clients have been in business for a number of years and, in some instances, we are working with the second generation of families. This family association is a real highlight and a great privilege extending beyond just being the accountant and business adviser."

The firm's future plans include continuing growth with new clients and helping clients navigate the ever-increasing complexities of being business.