A Whanganui couple can reach out and touch Mt Taranaki at their Durie Hill home.

Gaye and Tony Liversedge are the proud owners of a mural depicting Mt Taranaki, as seen from the Stratford side of the mountain.

Since they bought their home just over a year ago, the Liversedges have been making improvements and recently took down part of a fence.

"There was just a bare wall which I cleaned up and gave a coat of paint," Tony Liversedge said.


"I was thinking of doing a [street artist] Banksy on it myself."

However, Wellington mural artist Tony Ferrier visited the Liversedges and offered to paint a mural for them.

Tony Liversedge grew up in Stratford so when Ferrier suggested a scene of Mt Taranaki, Liversedge asked that it be from the Stratford perspective.

The Liversedges headed off to the Commonwealth Games so were not there while the work was done but Ferrier filmed the painting process and the Liversedges were able to watch the mural in progress. Ferrier even got paint from a neighbour to match the colour of the fence.

"It took Tony and another person about three hours to paint it with their hands and fingers," Gaye Liversedge said.

"We think it's great. We're going to do some planting to frame it which will make it more three dimensional."