Rangiora St's past, and its current rejuvenation, were the focus of the Whanganui Summer Programme's Castlecliff tour.

Thirty-two people took part in the trip, organised by Graham and Lynne Pearson who have organised three previous history tours for the programme.

"This time the focus was Rangiora St, past and present, as we wanted to feature the rejuvenation project," Mr Pearson said.

"Lynne Douglas, from the Residents Association, set up a history photo display at the Duncan Pavilion and spoke about the shops and people of Rangiora St. Following this everyone wandered up the street with Lynne, and Ross Fallen from Progress Castlecliff, checking out the sites of the old butcher shop, dairies, second hand shop and former supermarket."

The tour visited Ivan Vostinar's pottery studio in the former supermarket building and his garden on the corner of Rangiora and Matai Sts.

"The trip concluded with afternoon tea at The Citadel cafe where many trips down memory lane were shared over the teacups," Mr Pearson said.

"Everyone had a great time, going home impressed with the progress made on the rejuvenation of Rangiora St."