The Lobby is the coolest place to be in town say Marton teens.

It's a space in an old shop in the main street, Broadway and caters solely for youth.

Some lads were surfing the internet, others were playing video games on a huge screen, a few were stretched out relaxing out in a specially designed outdoor courtyard and a small group were seated on bean bags chatting.

Marton volunteer youth worker Kate Simms said the centre had only been open a few days and it was already a meeting place, a talking place, a place where the teens could chat among themselves.


"A place where they're not outside on the street. It's a place of their own and they enjoy it.

"They don't have to sit around outside on the street they have somewhere to come."

Kate said often the teens who come quickly tell their younger siblings as well as friends.

"So we have a lot of families here."

Some of the boys said because their parents were working in town it was the ideal place for them to hang out.

"It's really good to be here. It's good to be with your friends here. We're not here to be a nuisance or anything that's just stupid stuff."

Kate said the Rangitikei District Council helped with the upkeep.

"And it's so big. This area has all been painted and done up the - kids love it.''


Talking with the youth was always stimulating, she said.

"I like young people. They have great ideas and they always make me laugh."