No Filter (Sin filtro)

was a smash hit in Chile in 2016, blasting the box office in that country, toppling





from their top positions in just three weeks of screening and showing to 1.29 million Chileans.

The comedy has attracted world-wide interest, with Mexico set to release its own remake of the film in 2018, and other remakes to follow from Japan, the United States and Spain.

Variety called the film "an anti-technology comedy of frustration".

Paz Bascuñan plays advertising executive Pía who is on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Her lazy husband ignores her, a bimbo with a selfie stick is threatening her job, her stepson shows no respect and her best friend can't keep her eyes off her phone.

Director Nicolás López practised what the movie preaches in his marketing campaign for the film.

"We used Facebook marketing with the 'no filter' concept.


"All the actors did videos saying everything they hated about Chilean society, and they went viral," he told Variety.

Chile held a National No Filter Day when people were encouraged to speak their mind, and special screenings for women were arranged.

"People wanted to express their discontent about life. This is not a movie about big themes.

"This is a movie about small themes; the apathy of millennials, ageism, sexting, online relationships - and it shows a world that's happening right now."

Will Pía end up happy with her anxious, pill-popping self, or will she make a leap to full-fledged modern-age warrior?

Audiences in Chile loved the roller coaster ride, but it touches a nerve in every country.

"What we've learnt is that the movie is extremely relatable, no matter where you live.

"In China they say the movie is extremely Chinese, same thing in México and Spain," says López.

No filter (Sin Filtro) screens at the Davis Lecture Theatre, Whanganui Regional Museum, Watt St, on Saturday, October 21 at 4pm. Entry is free, koha appreciated.