Whanganui businesses and volunteers contributing time and resources are carving out the Community Bike Park on London Street.

And while the project has just had a boost in funds, more help is needed.

Sport Whanganui spokeswoman Jodie Brunger said a completion date was uncertain and reliant upon the available time of volunteers.

With that in mind, project leaders Sport Whanganui and the Whanganui Mountain Bike Club had agreed to apply for funding to help pay for the significant hours of labour required to complete the park.


That funding application went to the 4 Regions Trust and was approved. "Thanks to that, the next stages of the project will soon be under way," Ms Brunger said.

The money will be used for major construction, however, the completion of the project will still be largely dependent on a number of local volunteers and businesses, one of whom - Glen Bullock of Bullocks - has already made an outstanding contribution.

Ms Brunger said there had also been donations of plants, a water fountain and shade sail, all to be installed as part of stage two.

"Further working bees will be organised in order for the community to support and contribute to the development of the park."

Stage three will include a junior bike track with traffic lights, stop and giveaway signs, giving children a safe and fun place to practice their cycling and road safety skills. The junior track is for children under 10 years of age who haven't had much experience on the road.

The Whanganui Mountain Bike Club have contracted an experienced track designer to complete plans for this part of the track with Bullocks and Loaders providing the GPS co-ordinates of the site.

"It is overwhelming to see how much the community is willing to give to make a project like this a reality," Ms Brunger said.