A man who kicked a police officer later said it "felt good."

Haini Allen pleaded guilty before the Whanganui District Court on Tuesday to charges relating to assault and intimidation after he pushed one victim and kicked a police officer.

Police prosecutor Steven Butler told Judge Philip Crayton that on the evening of October 14 two people were walking down Terrace Street when Haini approached them. He pushed one of the pair - a woman - to the ground.

When a woman driving past in her car stopped to make sure the sure the female victim was okay, Haini proceeded to shout at and intimidate her.


The driver, who had two children in her car, drove away and was chased by Haini.

The two walkers phoned police and officers quickly arrived at the scene. At that point Haini returned and, seeing the police, approached one of the officers and kicked him on the thigh.

The police then arrested Haini with the use of a taser.

When questioned Haini told police it "felt good" to kick an officer.

Judge Crayton sentenced him to 250 hours of community service, 12 months supervision and a $400 reparation fine for damage done to door earlier in the evening.

He also ordered Haini to pay a $150 in reparations to each of the victims, including the driver who attempted to help.

"She did not deserve the treatment you gave her but she does deserve the acknowledgement of the court for doing a civic duty," the judge said.