A man who was found wandering in Gonville properties told police he was looking for marijuana plants.

Grant Rangi Karaitiana pleaded guilty to seven counts of unlawfully entering an enclosed yard when he appeared in the Whanganui District Court on Tuesday.

Karaitiana's lawyer, Raukawa Simon, said the charges amounted to her client walking along Puriri St and entering properties along the street.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Stephen Butler said the incident happened on October 28, when Karaitiana was seen approaching several Puriri St addresses. In one property he was seen walking around a motor vehicle.


Mr Butler said when police caught up with Karaitiana he told them he was looking for marijuana plants.

Judge David Cameron said he noticed that Karaitiana had a recent marijuana conviction.

"I'm worried he has an addiction to marijuana," he said to Ms Simon.

She said Karaitiana had a partner and four children, and was in stable employment.

Judge Cameron sentenced Karaitiana to 100 hours' community work.