It's haere mai to them and haere ra to her.

Mayor Annette Main has welcomed her last group of new citizens to Whanganui.

The outgoing mayor and chief executive Kym Fell said an official hello to the 31 in a ceremony in the Whanganui District council chambers on September 29.

Ms Main said she was delighted, as always, to welcome the new citizens to the district but it was a bittersweet occasion as it was her last citizenship ceremony as mayor.


"I have really enjoyed welcoming new citizens to Whanganui in my six years as mayor.

"This has been one of the greatest part of the job, so it's with an element of sadness that I will be handing it over.

"It's exciting to see that people continue to choose New Zealand, and Whanganui, as their home and that people from all kinds of countries throughout the world move here, adding diversity and vibrancy to our community."

The new citizens and their original nationalities are:
Christopher Graham Burrows (British), Caroline Louise Burrows (British), Jack Oliver Burrows (British), Holly Ruth Burrows (British), Wilton Bishop Hodges (American), Rajesh Kumar (Indian), Willem Abraham Lombard (South African ), Robert Michael Gareth Morgan (British), Mr Tarsem Singh (Indian), Mrs Harkamaljit Kaur (Indian), Lovedeep Singh (Indian), Jagdeep Singh (Indian), Sandiya Chandanie Bandara (British Sri Lankan), Mervyn Larry Clements (South African), Sonja Ann Clements (South African), Kwangsub Kim (Korean), Mikyung Joo (Korean), Jaewon Kim (Korean), Jaeee Kim (Korean), Sini Mattathil Joy (Indian), Danilo Baetiong Samson (Filipino), Rosemailah Tamayo Samson (Filipino), Mirtha Cecilia Stewart (Peruvian), Arianna del Carmen Jorge Miranda (Peruvian), Lorena Mercedes Jorge Miranda (Peruvian), Fabrizzio Martin Jorge Miranda (Peruvian), Roger Gregory Tuffield (British), Sa Vaiau (Samoan), Dora Vaiau (Samoan), Foketi Michelle Sa (Samoan) and Zedrick Elisara Junior Vaiau (Samoan).