Matipo Developments are still working hard to fulfil Craig Rippon's vision for the people of Castlecliff, says his son.

Craig Rippon, who died in November, was co creator of the Matipo Development Trust which established gardens to help feed local whanau and then developed into a vision to teach reading and writing to entire families.

His son Carlos Rippon said that vision is still strong to help people in the area who live with challenged family situations and are making choices to change through education and training because they see it as a gateway to employment.

Carlos Rippon said they are setting up training by approaching the training centres in Whanganui who provide the NZQA qualifications to bring about top training for their people.
Matipo Developments has been successful in setting up numeracy and literacy classes through the YMCA and horticulture training through the Wai Ora Christian Community Trust.


"Over the last two and a half years and a lot of extra help to achieve all this has come through the help and assistance of Rotary Club".

The latest initiative is carpentry and mechanical training at UCOL.

"We the Board of Matipo Trust are excited that UCOL did agree and it has taken six months to set up and to get started with 15 students with ages ranging from 16 years to 40 enrolled thus far. The carpentry course is new and commenced 13 June 2016".