When she was a child, Danielle Neilson would cut her barbies' hair. Now she's moved onto the real thing.

Miss Neilson was one of the contestants in the Whanganui Regional Hair Design Awards on Sunday, held at the racecourse.

Having a vision and seeing it come to life in the hairstyles she created was one of the things she loved about hairdressing.

For hairdresser Emily Schipper, it was the fact she could "uplift" someone by giving them a cut and colour.


She has been in the industry for 13 years, and enjoys hair stylist competitions for the chance to do "more out there, creative work".

President of the Whanganui Association of Registered Hairdressers Carol Hayward said the competition on Sunday was "fantastic".

She said they had about 120 spectators come through the doors.

"I think Whanganui was well represented, definitely, and it was apparent that the work that came through really came from our top salons. The standard was high."

The winners of the competition qualify for next year's supreme awards, she said.

"We just want to thank our sponsors, we want to thank our supporters, our volunteers - you know, family, models. Without people like that, we just don't have an event, so we're really grateful to those people."

Regional Hairstylist of the Year Newcomer - Shayna Coneybeer
Regional Hairstylist of the Year Senior - Kate Watson
Pre Trade Styling Year One - Danielle Neilson
Pre Trade Styling Year Two - Otis Delves
Makeup Event Winner - Bryley Ryder