The first of the incumbent Whanganui district councillors has declared his intention to seek re-election in the October local body elections.

Charlie Anderson is a first term councillor but has now officially nominated for the council.

And he has also put his name forward for a seat on the Whanganui District Health Board.

He was one of four new councillors elected three years ago and the highest polling among the newcomers. He was also one of four candidates to stand under the Rates Restraint banner but this year Mr Anderson is standing as an independent.


He joins Alan Abbott, Steve Baron, Ross Fallen, Doreen Hardy, Dave Hill and Josh Chandulal-Mackay as official nominations so far received by electoral officer Noeline Moosman.

He said it had been "a battle" for the newcomers on council but he said he found the work fulfilling.

"We've had the issue of the wastewater treatment plant to deal with and everyone knows my position on the 'h' in Whanganui," he said.

"But I think we've achieved some good things too. Managing to keep the Whanganui East pool open is one of those successes and the flight school coming here is fantastic news," he said.

Mr Anderson is also the first candidate to nominate for the WDHB where seven of the 11 seats are filled by election.

He did not try for the health board three years ago but said this time around he was keen to get around that table.

He was a pioneer in the air ambulance service in his days as a helicopter pilot but remained worried that bureaucrats could destroy these lifesaving services "at the stroke of a pen".

He said the debate about maternity services was another issue that would remain at the forefront of health planning.

"But if I can help in any way I can then I want to be able to do that. That's why I'm standing."

Jason Granville, who got onto the council via a by-election, has announced he will not be standing for council. And Rod Pearce, one of the two Whanganui representatives on Horizons Regional Council has also indicated he would not be seeking re-election.