The contract for providing under-bench water filters to Raetihi households under Project Waireka has been signed.

Spring NZ will now get the installation stage underway.

Operations manager Scott Greenhalgh said that although the official delivery period of the filters from time of order was six weeks he was hopeful they would arrive sooner, within three to four weeks.

After diesel spilled into Raetihi's water supply from Ruapehu Alpine Lifts tanks on Mount Ruapehu, the town received compensation. A poll of residents chose the filter system.


Mr Greenhalgh said "the time taken to complete the contract negotiations has meant that the contract completion date for the filter installations has been set at the end of November rather than the end of September."

If stock arrives earlier installation will be brought forward.

"Spring thanks everyone for their time and efforts to date and looks forward to working with you all as we fulfil the installations."

Project Waireka spokesperson Missy Biddle said she was delighted with the news.

"We are finally there with the contract agreement, what a relief and celebration time is in order."

Missy said she thanked everyone who has worked on and supported Project Waireka.

Ruapehu District Council chief executive Clive Manley acknowledged how long the process had taken.

"Council appreciates there was some frustration with how long the contract negotiations took however it was important to ensure that the interests of the two Project Teams, the Raetihi community and ratepayers were protected," he said.

He thanked people for getting Project Waireka "to this point and we look forward to doing all we can to ensure that the next phase is a complete success."