Marton man George London has been chosen for a Queen's Service Medal for services to the community.

Mr London said he was "quite shocked" by the award.

"I didn't expect it."

Since 1999, Mr London and his wife have fostered 11 children for Child Youth and Family.


He has also been a volunteer health shuttle driver for St John Ambulance since 2009.

Mr London was involved in the main street upgrades for Project Marton, where he voluntarily rebuilt four vacant buildings - which were in a state of disrepair - in 2002.

He has also supported Bird Rescue Wanganui, the Arahina Training Centre in Marton, and Edale Home.

Mr London has helped repair the offices for truancy attendance officer Piki Katene, and has provided her with support over a number of years.

In 2014 he had a quadruple bypass, then after his recovery carried on volunteering with St John and the Marton Community Patrol in 2015. He arranged for new sponsors to provide funding for the Community Patrol and in June 2015 was elected chairman.

He said he was very pleased with the way the patrol was developing.

"It now has 24 members and it's still rising. Crime rates are down in Marton and I like to think it's due in part to the community patrol. We are quite visible."

He said he had instituted bike patrols as well as foot and car, and patrol members now had uniforms.

"I and the patrol enjoy helping keep everyone safe."

Mr London estimates that with the volunteer work he's done in England and now in Marton, he has been fundraising for causes for more than 35 years.