A Whanganui mother made an upsetting discovery when she took the top off a steak and cheese pie and discovered that there were hairs inside it.

Letitia Tansi said she had already eaten some of the pie and had fed some to her 11-month-old son Boston.

"It looked like a little bushy thing growing inside the pie - it was gross," she said.

"I hate to think that Boston might have swallowed some of it."


Mrs Tansi called the number listed on the pie wrapper and was asked to send the object to the manufacturer for analysis.

Ra Fletcher of Goodman Fielder said the company was unable to comment until it had seen the item.

"We have not yet received the sample back from the consumer, so we have not had an opportunity to physically inspect the product," he said.

"We take quality very seriously and will analyse the product when we receive it."

Mrs Tansi said she often bought the steak and cheese pies with her weekly family groceries but said she would not be purchasing them this week.

She will send the material off to Goodman Fielder this weekend.