A man on trial for 44 sexual offences against children told Whanganui District Court he may have said sexual things to the complainants when drunk but physically could not have molested them.

Peter Robert Doyle, 51, said he could never get physically aroused while drinking, so could not have committed rape or carried out an indecent act in front of the complainants when he was drunk.

But Doyle said he might have made comments to the complainants while intoxicated about them having "big boobs", and said he could have said other sexual or "semi-crude" things.

Doyle's trial began before a jury of five men and seven women last week. He faces a number of charges, including rape, indecent assaults, and indecent acts.


There are three complainants, and the charges go back some years, beginning when the girls were aged about 9 or 10. They are now adults.

Doyle finished giving evidence in his defence yesterday, telling Crown prosecutor Harry Mallalieu he had never committed any of the crimes and that the three girls had colluded against him.

He said it was a case of them getting "vengeance" on him because they hated him.

He told Mr Mallalieu some of the allegations meant he would have to have had sex three times in one evening.

"I'm not that fit a person, no way in hell would that happen. I can't see anyone being able to accomplish that."

Doyle questioned why one of the complainants would accuse him of sexually offending against her, but then come and stay at his house several years later.

Mr Mallalieu asked why Doyle would allow the complainant to stay with him. "Weren't you concerned for yourself that you might have more false allegations made against you?"

Doyle said he felt safe having the complainant stay because he had his son in the house and was "a forgiving person".

Mr Mallalieu and the defence will deliver closing addresses to the jury today and Judge Thomas Ingram will sum up the case.

The jury are expected to begin deliberating either this afternoon or tomorrow morning.