Strangers hand over $200

A couple of "angels" blessed a Whanganui woman with $200 out of the blue this week.

Linda was at Countdown with her four grandchildren on Thursday evening when two strangers approached her and gave her a roll of cash, saying they wanted her to have a happy Mother's Day.

"I was gobsmacked. I wish I could have thought faster. Until I got in the car I actually didn't know how much she had handed me."

Linda said she "burst into tears of happy disbelief" when she unrolled the cash to discover it was $200. The gift came at a time when Linda's budget was strained.


"I have been very ill for the past week and ... my doctor has said I cannot return to work for another week.

"This put a huge strain on my finances, I had no idea how I was going to work it out."

Linda's budget was already tight as she had her grandchildren staying with her. She was also trying to fit her family's groceries into a beer fridge because her regular fridge had broken down and needed fixing.

"They wouldn't have known any of that," she said.

"This happened at such a time I really needed it."

Linda said the gift from "these two angels" took "a huge burden" off her shoulders.

"I wish I could see them in person or communicate with them in some way so I could tell them myself.

"I will definitely get a bottle of wine for myself from them, and enjoy Mother's Day to the fullest."

Linda said she would also be "praying for many blessings for this loving couple".