The finer details of a revamped velodrome at Cooks Gardens are being nailed down.

Barry Copeland from Copeland Associates Architects was in Whanganui last week to inspect the site again and meet the Regional Velodrome Roofing Team.

The architect of the proposed stretched-membrane roof was looking at the make-up of the inside of the track, details such as lighting and making the structure breathable. A speed skating track has now been proposed along with a middle that could host concerts, displays and exhibitions.

"In terms of facilities, we're looking at only providing essentials," Mr Copeland said.


Whanganui District Council chief executive Kym Fell met with Mr Copeland to discuss the durability of the roof and what maintenance would be required.

Mr Copeland said the membrane roof was designed for a 30-year life with an annual clean.

The firm has been involved with several sports facilities including membrane roof structures for the Auckland Netball Centre and the Northland Events Centre, which was shortlisted in the ports section of the world architectural festival awards.

"Sports buildings are some of the most exceptional buildings in today's world," Mr Copeland said, and most involved membrane in one way or another.

"They give really good glare-free natural lighting, and when you need to use artificial light they are great reflectors."

Mr Copeland was excited about how the proposed roof would fit into the cityscape.

"It's a pretty impressive overall landscape," he said. "I'm hoping this will appeal to the arts community in Whanganui."

Meanwhile, Regional Velodrome Roofing Team member Leigh Grant said the group hoped to launch a fundraising 5000 Club next month.

"There's been a very positive response to funding. I'm really pleased. I would expect July, August we should start to see funds."