Marton Youth are on the job this week, giving the Rangitikei town's Centennial Park a fine artistic makeover.

The seven-day, youth-led makeover has been a collaboration of ideas to create funky seating, glorious murals across the two fences and add games to the area as well.

First up was the preparation of the two, long corrugated iron fences flanking either side of the park being washed, scrubbed and painted before the artists let loose on them.

Marton Youth leaders from Rangitikei College, Jenny Collie,16, and Winona Folau, 17, said there would be silhouettes along both fences of sportspeople incorporating all the different sports, including rugby, football, jockeys and netball.


Then, between these designs, the students would paint artistic images, they said.

"There won't be anything that looks like graffiti, though."

It was a very cool school holiday project, they said.

"And the weather so far is perfect.

"We'll be very proud, seeing our art work out here in the community."