A man who tried to headbutt a police officer had an "extremely positive" restorative justice meeting with the officer involved.

Neihana Kahl appeared in the Whanganui District Court on Monday for sentencing on charges of resisting police and assaulting with intent to injure, which he has pleaded guilty to.

The charges arose after Kahl "intervened when [he] shouldn't have", Judge Dugald Matheson said.

Kahl was part of a group that was outside Stellar Restaurant and Bar about 2.30am on October 4.


He was drunk at the time, Judge Matheson said.

Kahl "intervened" when there was an incident with police, and they told him to calm down. Others joined in and "it became a mess".

"You can't really remember a lot about it because you were so intoxicated," Judge Matheson said.

Kahl then tried to headbutt a police officer, but missed.

He also yelled gang phrases.

"This summary doesn't seem to fit the person that's standing in the dock in front of me," the judge said.

Kahl has no criminal history.

He went through a restorative justice conference with the police officer he tried to attack.

Defence lawyer Anna Brosnahan described the process as "extremely positive".

"The officer who was involved in this incident probably has done this young person a great service," she said.

Judge Matheson sentenced Kahl to nine months of supervision and 100 hours of community work.