USUALLY I talk too much - and this very much transfers into my writing. So today I am limiting myself to ... 300, no 500 words.
And I also must use three teenage slang words appropriately - as my teenage daughter informs me I need the practice.
But we still need to do the topic justice even if I have to abbreviate everything. So, with that in mind, here's my fast thrust plan to help you discover your inner fashionista - and my secret weapon to getting this done quickly is not clothes, but accessories.
So, without wasting another word ...

Accessorising is an innovative process. Think of it as an artistic outlet to express your mood, to say something without having to "say" anything at all.
You can tell people "Hi, I'm friendly", or interesting, or insightful, or authoritative or whatever you feel like saying - just by how you express yourself with your accessories.
They will help you stand out, they will also help you save money - and they will help you look fabulous. How? It's actually quite simple - by experimenting with different belts, jewellery, bags, hairpieces etc, you can make the clothes you already own look totes (#1 - totally) different, enabling you to wear them more often.
But that's not all, you'll get complimented for being on fleek (#2 - having great style/being on point). Fab bag plus fab shoes equals fashionista (#3 - not sure if this word counts?).
Boring clothes can be accessorised to look stunning but a terrible bag and shoes will make even the best outfit look below average. Check out any magazine - the paparazzi pictures say it all. Celebrities and models know this trick - you can wear jeans and a T-shirt, add fab shoes and throw an equally fab bag over your shoulder and you are paparazzi ready.

Wide elastic belts, skinny shiny belts, studded belts, fun buckled belts - get to know your belts. I hang my belts so I can easily see what I have on offer when I'm getting dressed for the day.
Once you start playing with belts you will surprise yourself with what you will actually wear and how different a top or dress can look when paired with a different belt.
Currently my go-to belt is a little studded number I "borrowed" from my daughter. Personally, I'm not a fan of brightly coloured belts as they draw too much attention to the waistline rather than just accentuating it, and so make it harder to hide the softer mummy tummy I keep under my clothes.

"Always remove one thing before going out the door." Coco Chanel, the world's most renowned fashionista was on point with that advice.
Wearing too many earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets can be distracting. Follow Coco's good advice - keep it simple to avoid committing a fashionista cardinal sin of over-accessorising.
Final words before I unleash you on your journey of accessory discovery. There is no need to spend ridiculous amounts of coin (#4 money - I should get a bonus point for this word) on accessorising your wardrobe. This is about expanding your wardrobe options for less. Some of my best accessories have been picked up on sale or at our local market, and you can also DIY some great pieces.


Jade Teki: Designer/Entrepreneur/Fashionista